Local League (U11, U13, U15, U18) (Centre Wellington Minor Hockey)

PrintLocal League (U11, U13, U15, U18)
We play in the OMHA: https://www.omha.net/

Our Local League Teams compete in the Dufferin Wellington Local League https://oehll.ca/

Links to OMHA Player Pathways

Player Pathway - U11 (9 and 10 yrs)

Player Pathway - U13 (11 and 12 yrs)

Player Pathway - U15 (13 and 14 yrs)

Player Pathway - U18 and U21 (15-19 yrs)



Can I specify a certain coach that I want my child to play for?

Unfortunately, our local league has grown to the point where it has become impossible to accommodate special requests.  If you are a coach or trainer, you are ensured your own child is on your team.


Can I request that my child play with his friend for car pooling purposes?

Again, it is impossible to accommodate special requests.  Once the first week of hockey has been played and it is unworkable for you to get your child to the arena, a request in writing can be given to the Local League Director and they will try to accommodate your situation.  If you can not be accommodated, you can request a refund.  We encourage families to arrange carpool among their new friends on their team.

**Siblings will be placed on the same team unless the parent specifies otherwise.

Do I have to attend assessment skates?  My child has been playing for years.
Assessment skates are critical to building balanced teams.  It is CWMH's goal to require as few adjustments as possible during the season to accomplish this goal.  Assessment skates are the only tool we have to balance the teams from the start of the year.  If your child is unable to attend the weekend of assessments, please contact the Local League Director via email IN ADVANCE of the skate.

Any unbalanced divisions will be re-assessed by the Local League Director by end-October.  It is CMWH's main priority that all teams have competitive, fun seasons.