Hockey Equipment (Centre Wellington Minor Hockey)

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Finding the right equipment can sometimes be a challenge with so many options available on the market. Your most important decision before starting hockey should be to purchase properly fitting and comfortable equipment. When equipment is not suitably fitted, the player may be injured. This starts from the undergarments to the type of stick your child will use.

Three important factors should be stressed when evaluating hockey equipment:

·         that the equipment is in proper condition

·         that the equipment is properly maintained throughout its life

·         that the equipment fits properly

‘Hand-me-downs’ are a great way to save money but be sure to carefully inspect the items to ensure they are safe to wear.

Hockey Equipment Checklist

CSA-approved hockey helmet with full facemask
  1. hockey gloves
  2. throat protector (neck guard)
  3. elbow pads
  4. shin pads
  5. shoulder pads
  6. athletic cup and supporter
  7. mouthguard
  8. hockey pants
  9. hockey socks (fit over shin pads)
  10. ice hockey skates (should be sharpened at least once for every five times on the ice)
  11. hockey stick (length should be cut to the players chin with skates on)
  12. practice hockey jersey
  13. equipment bag
  14. hockey tape (solid, fabric type) for taping sticks
  15. hockey tape (clear, translucent type) for taping hockey socks (if required)
  16. water bottle
  17. extra pair of hockey skate laces
Water Bottles

Over the past few years there has been concern shown over the potential health risks related to the sharing of water bottles by players, officials, coaches and other participants. The Canadian Hockey Safety Program recommends the following protocol as it relates to the use of water bottles:

“Good team hygiene includes ensuring all players and staff have their own water bottles to prevent the transmission of viruses and bacteria. Bottles should be labeled and washed after each practice or game.”

Good hygienic practices will help to maintain a healthy team atmosphere and ultimately assist in keeping all participants healthy throughout the season.